delaRosa Media Group

delaRosa Media Group is a non-profit collaborative group of musicians, artists, and developers creating unique, innovative works of living art. These works occupy several different creative spaces:

  • DLR//apps, an application development consortium that pairs liked-minded graphic artists, coders, and developer together to make awesome projects. DLR//apps is currently developing an Android and iOS application called I Know a Secret.
  • DLR//collab, a collaboration group of musicians and artists that self publish music, film, and art projects. Most recently, DLR//collab published the fourth release of a multi-part collaborative record, titled “Session IV – The Unification of Absence“.
  • DLR//release, a non-profit publishing group which provides support for artists to digitally release music and art free of Digital Rights Management (DRM). These releases have included releases by artists as diverse as morningstar, If Cupid Used Bullets, and Polyphonix.
  • DLR//connect, a philanthropic server provider which hosts various servers and web spaces for non-profit and low-income users. DLR//connect officially placed operations on hiatus in 2011.